(span-postprocess context span)


(span-resolver context)(span-resolver context servlet-class)

This is an AWS-specific span resolver for use with the io.pedestal.interceptor.trace/tracing-interceptor Interceptor.

This resolves any possible Span/Segment in the following order: 1. Pedestal tracing value in the Context 2. AWS X-Ray Servlet values (if the Servlet API class is detected) 3. AWS X-Ray Headers 4. Nothing found - a new span/segment is created.




This function returns an XRay Recorder. You can assign this tracer to be the default in Pedestal Log by either: * Setting the JVM property io.pedestal.log.defaultTracer to ‘’ * Setting the PEDESTAL_TRACER environment variable to ‘’

If you’re using an OpenTracing adaptor for XRay, you can register the tracer directly with: (io.pedestal.log/-register ...)