(apigw-request-map apigw-event)(apigw-request-map apigw-event process-headers?)

Given a parsed JSON event from API Gateway, return a Ring compatible request map.

Optionally, you can decide to process-headers?, lower-casing them all to conform with the Ring spec defaults to true

This assumes the apigw event has strings as keys – no conversion has taken place on the JSON object other than the original parse. – This ensures parse optimizations can be made without affecting downstream code.


(apigw-response ring-response)(apigw-response ring-response body-process-fn)


(direct-apigw-provider service-map)

Given a service map, return a service map with a provider function for an AWS API Gateway event, under

This provider function takes the apigw-event map and the runtime.Context and returns an AWS API Gateway response map (containing – :statusCode :body :headers) You may want to add a custom interceptor in your chain to handle Scheduled Events.

This chain terminates if a Ring :response is found in the context or an API Gateway :apigw-response map is found.

All additional conversion, coercion, writing, and extension should be handled by interceptors in the interceptor chain.